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Sky Digital Magic Eye Magic Eye- Control Ur Sky From Another Room


Product Description:

  • Compatible with Sky, Sky+ & Sky HD
  • Allows control of your digibox from another, already cabled room
  • Plug and play, installs in seconds
The Global "TV Link" system is the easy way to control the Sky digital satellite receiver (Digi-box) from the bedroom or any other room that is already cabled.

TV Link uses the extended remote control feature within the digital receiver to control the digital receiver from a different room. The digital receiver is normally located in the lounge, but with the system, the picture may be viewed and controlled in another room.

Setting Up Your Sky Box For Use With The Magic Eye

To set the TV Link up, it should be installed in the RF2 Out socket of your Digibox. You then need to tell the Digibox to output power to the TV Link. To do this, do, Services, 4, 0, 1, Select, 4 (Look at the remote when you do this. Not the screen). Then move down to where it says RF Power, and press the Right Arrow, so that it changes to "On". Then move down to "Save Settings" and press Select. You must then turn the digi-box off at the mains and then on again. Note that we have never had a faulty TV Link. If you find the light on the TVLink is not on, then possibly you have an incompatible TV distribution amplifier in your loft or bad cabling somewhere inbetween. To check this, try plugging the TVLink directly into the RF2 output of the Sky box. 


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